Worker-Student status

I've decided to resume my studies a year ago and follow a university level graduation in order to improve my own curriculum and maybe my future quality of life ensuring that I would be certified to a certain level of knowledge in the computer science area along with my already acquired real life experience.

All went fine in terms of entering the university and following the course that provided the degree in computer science but the troubles began shortly after requesting authorization to be excused from work in certain days to allow doing the semester exams.

It turns out that army professionals (the ones who belong on the permanent board) were not allowed to enjoy the status of working student and therefore not allowed to study - except on the given free time that was nothing less than our vacation days.

I accepted this price and gave away my vacations knowing that in return I'd be investing on better work conditions and maybe a chance to work on software research rather than plain network administration.

A few days things have changed for the better. A petition and the threat of a law suit against the defense ministery made my "bosses" give back the right to have some free time to study and do the needed exams. Guess we won back a right that was ours from the beginning and now things are back to normal.

Really good news for me and a few many others fellow comrades that were on the same situation and studying in a very clandestine way.

Good news as I think that studying really helps to expand our own perspective of life.