Took nearly a month but the raw registry editor has finally began adding new keys and values onto a hive structure in a fully object orientated structure.

For those who followed my previous blog rants about raw registry editing you might be aware that each step to make this now apparently easy task was a bit tiresome to achieve because of all the necessary steps to ensure it would work in a organized fashion.

I'm very happy to see this working as expected from the beginning.

The registry API is so picky regarding how values are expected to be written that I fully sympathize with the decision of ReactOS developers to drop 100% MS registry compatibility because this was indeed a lot of work and I'm not yet dwelving into classes and security cells.

Well, just wanted to share the happy news.

There is still a lot of work to debug, test and correct bugs in the code but fortunately it seems that the worst part of this heavy brain storm has already passed.

All is going on a good progress rate to include this functionality over the next winbuilder beta.

With some luck, it might finally allow us to build windows OS's using Linux, ReactOS or Windows 2000 as host, not forgetting that we might as well completely bypass the need for administrative permissions and allow winbuilder to run perfectly well with strong UAC limitations under Vista and Windows 7.

Back to work now.. :)