Got a new Camera!!

Imagine who got a new Camera?

That's right, I finally got upset with the fact that my previous camera got broke a few months back and allocated some money to buy ourselves a trait this month.

Went with my wife to the local "hi tech" depot and bought ourselves this present which is just perfect to take the pictures of her pregnancy all the way until our first child is born.

It was about the time to get a new camera too.. My wife's mother had lend us a camera she had aging around in her house but even with all these good intention to borrow us this machine, the photo quality was still a bit too poor for our liking when compared to the photos we were used to take and we slacked for all these months with little to no pictures about our vacations this year.

For those who are curious about this new machine:

It's quite simple and stylish, costed little over 150 euros while doing everything we want with good quality (we're not professional photographers anyways so no worries about zoom and stuff like that..)

Here's a youtube review of this machine, a Canon Ixus 70:

Time to start taking some snapshots of our daily life again!