A few more days to rest..

What a strange summer, either spent working or simply stay a few lazy days catching some sun.

I'll be having another set of 5 days away from work and will be going back to the Terceira island where my wife and her family are staying.

It's strangely hot in the azores, hardly a good idea to walk around the street during the afternoon and staying indoors is just as uncomfortable due to the lack of air refrigeration.

Mentioned strange because in my nearly 5 years living here, the weather has always been quite nice during the summer and now it almost seems like we're back on mainland where temperatures reached high scores quite often.

Maybe a warning about global warming but in either case I will do my best to enjoy these days.

My wife wants to go camping so I'll be moving over to see where a camp site can be found and try to find nice location. Last year we camped in Pico island right next to a rocky beach in a place with fairly good conditions (and very affordable as well), initially our goal would be spending a few days but we liked it so much that ended up staying for two weeks.

Guess the thing I like the most about camping is the grilled meat.

Whatever people may say, nothing beats the taste of some good meat cooked on a barbecue while sleeping outdoors.

Too bad about the insects but this time I'm prepared for them.. ;)

Will also be taking my laptop, usually on vacations I do try to leave all work behind but this registry challenge keeps revolving on my head and I'll likely only rest when it's working exactly as expected (or even better to say the least..).

Progress on registry has moved fairly well so far. I'm now able to write key and values perfectly but still a lot of work to be done in regard to creating new keys from scratch.

My goal is to present this feature on the next wb beta and that's one of the reasons why I'm giving so much focus on getting things to work as quickly as possible so that we can soon have a new stable wb.


These are the news for now, we'll try to keep the blog update while moving around.