Cisco certified Network Administrator - phase 1

Almost the end of the first step for achieving the CCNA category.

Been 5 weeks on classes and doing exams and now the final exam approaches with some fearsome 50 questions where the minimum grade is forcefully 70% of valid replies to pass the exam.

I'm not worried at all about the number of questions or how hard they might be.

For me, the biggest worry is really the amount of time made available to answer the whole exam.

It's one of my biggest flaws, simply take too long to understand and read back everything to ensure that I am doing the right calculations or properly organize my sketches instead of looking at the clock.

For this big exam on wednesday, I can't afford to skip the lengthy questions and start first with the quick ones.

We have to answer one question separately from each other and have no chance of returning back after a reply is left.


No problem. I know everything should work out more or less fine since I am sort of comfortable with the questions and usually know the right answer. Just a bit worried that I feel over confident and don't really analyze deeply those questions that might hide some trick that people often fall.

Let's see how it goes.

This week I'm incredibly busy at work that another of my fears is not being able to be present on the exam at all and I'm my recent luck this wouldn't come as a surprise so I'm already taking some precautions to ensure everything is done on schedule.

Wish me luck.. ;)