Yipii.. Vacation time..

That's right - starting tomorrow I'll be on vacations for the next 3 days.

It's a short timed vacation but will be a very valued one.

I'm going to catch a boat tomorrow that is headed to the Terceira island, where I already rented a small flat to stay the week.

We'll also be meeting there with my wife's younger brother and father who came all the way from mainland Portugal to stay with us during the vacations.

During this short stay in this island, the FAP (Portuguese Air Force) will also be celebrating their anniversary there so we should have some amusing days with the air festival.

They will keep my wife in good company throughout a small tourism journey across the other azorean islands like Pico, S.Jorge and Faial while I move alone back home (S.Miguel) to attend the Cisco classes.

Sad to leave so soon, but at least I still hope to relax and find some time to enjoy some quality time with the family.

Times have been quite short and busy lately. Already miss the times when I could simply spend all day long playing Starcraft in multiplayer mode for nine hours in a row without bothering about anything else, guess with age comes some extra sense of responsibility and concerns about ensuring a good future for my loved ones and myself as well, therefore the only way to move forward is to commit efforts on my own professional education.

While in Terceira I'll try to do a few of my favourite hobbies - eat, drink and have fun.

Hope the "regular" blog readers can also enjoy a good summer time!