Why is C so complicated?

One of my exams is about C programming.

Was actually looking forward to learn more about C and even start coding a few apps using this coding language that became the standard for the software industry.

But why is using regular C ++ so complicated?

I mean, my development of software has mostly been done on pascal since my teenager days and continues to progress with delphi (pascal based) very fluently where I feel enough freedom to code things very confortably but this is certainly not the case for C from a beginner's perspective.

Learned PHP / Html and JavaScript in a couple of days but C?

It has no inbuilt functions to help the programmer and doesn't even know what a string is in the first place - just crazy on these days.

The compiler (bloodsheed) doesn't come with a proper syntax help mechanism or library and the references I find around the web are somehow scattered and very vague.

My teacher posted online a few exercises with programming goals to practice and I've looking all day long on them but I'm still clueless on how string operations should be handled to work the way I need them - please don't tell me I have to create them all by myself.

Just my luck because last year students enrolled with Pascal as their programming language.. ;(

Found some other rants about C which describe most of these frustrations from getting stuck with an ancient syntax.