Installing SUN VirtualBox 1.6 personal to Ubuntu 8.04 on a AMD64 machine

I've been googling to find informations regarding the proper way to install Virtual Box personal edition on this ubuntu machine.

The OSE (Open Source Edition) is easily available from the Synaptic Manager but I wanted the Personal one (free for personal use) because of the support for using USB devices on the Host OS.

In the past I was using this tutorial: (written in portuguese)

But it no longer applies since SUN has now acquired Innotek and they've made some changes and updates, so I'll be posting here my steps so that others might also learn if they wish to use them as reference.

#1 - Download the latest VirtualBox:

This page always contains the link for the current download pages on the SUN servers.

#2 - Install VirtualBox
Just need to double click on the .deb file to install

#3 - Add your user name to the group of virtualbox users
Open the console and type:
sudo adduser nuno vboxusers

Please note that you need to change "nuno" to whatever your username is.

#4 - Restart your machine
You need to restart your computer for the username changes take place

#5 - Run VirtualBox
Click on "Applications" --> "System tools" --> "SUN xVM VirtualBox"


That's it.

Just follow the on screen dialogs to create your virtual OS and things should run smoothly from here forward.

Only missing to see how to activate the USB host support but maybe later I can add this piece of information once I see how it is done.