A sunny day in the rocky beach

Just passed a great sunny day on a very rocky beach, it's rare for the weather to appear so bright and sunny that it's a wonderful occasion to give a little jump onto the beach and get some rest.

This time we decided to visit a new beach site. Usually we visit a nearby beach that has a considerably wide sand field where no crowds are visible until the mid-august time but this time we went forth to a whole different location and went to a beach very near the location where Carla studied for year in a place called "Capelas" on the other side of the island (literally).

It didn't had any sand, only rocks and water but we did made the most of this great weather.

Before we visit the beach, we also unwrapped a giant tent that we bought yesterday and assembled it inside our living room - enough to say that this tent is so huge that nearly wasn't enough space to fit our room. We'll be needing this tent for our expected travel next month to meet the other islands along with our family that comes here to visit us.

Was a fun day indeed, made me feel like summer is (finally) arriving after a long winter.


-- Nuno Brito