SICCE graduation ceremony

Just finished up the graduation ceremony for the SICCE week that I mentioned on my previous post.

I wasn't disappointed about the system because I was already well aware of the mechanical software limitations but was nevertheless a very productive week in terms of a learning experience.

Judging by my notion of what I already knew about SICCE and what I have effectively learned as new knowledge I would say that it was a significant leap in terms of learning my way around the potentiality of this software package and start using it in future.

Of course that one needs to close the eyes and ignore a lot of user interface issues that make the overall experience a bit less interesting as a good solution but I will nevertheless do my best and try to correctly implement it on my workplace.

I'm also moving away from Oporto by train today (even before lunch) to Coimbra to visit my mother and family that live over there.

Staying in Oporto was a very good experience was well - took the opportunity to visit the historical monuments and places, my younger brother Edgar (which is studying in a University there) was an excellent tourist guide and showcased me some the bright moments in the history of this city.

My other fellow colleagues in this course also took me to visit a lot of famous gastronomical iguaries that can only be found on this region - really fun week.