ninja pendisk 1.6

A new version of ninja pendisk was made available today.

It contains most of the requests and bugfixes that users have requested and I think that it has finally reached a more mature state.

Ninja Pendisk WebSite:

Here is the log of changes:
[added] title to tray icon
[added] timer to result window
[added] ninja.txt option to disable tray menu and avoid closing ninja ([options] --> Evil_Ninja=1)
[added] ninja.txt option to change the timer on the result window ([options] --> Result_Timer=8)
[added] when clicking on option "Add to Shortcut" will create the shortcut by default to All Users
[modified] automatic clean option is now selected by default
[modified] filesize of ninja.exe reduced by 30% to ~700kb
[fixed] Popmenu on system tray is now hiding properly when user clicks outside the popmenu

Just left out two requests:

1 - Use a compressed format (7z) when downloading a new updated version from the web to save bandwidth.

2 - Encrypt or add a password to allow changing configuration. (using ninja.txt at this moment)

And here are the reasons why they weren't included:

1 - Would be excellent to use compression but would also require to have 7z.exe or 7z.dll on the machine, maybe using cab compression this could help but the compression ratio is not so good. To make the exe slimmer I've used UPX to compress from 1200kb to ~700Kb

2 - Could be done. I could encrypt a second file called option.txt and ask for a password to unlock it, but I don't know how many people would really use this feature. If more requests are made then it will surely be included.


I've also been busy with a few other projects so I'm trying my best to keep ninja as updated as possible, thank you for all the feedback provided so far. I'm really happy to see this tool is really helping others.