My wife is going back to school

I'm really happy for her.

The admission results just came back and she passed with good grades on the Portuguese exam that allowed her admission at the Open University (Universidade Aberta) in the Portuguese Language studies degree.

My wife had stopped studying ever since we came to live in the Azores 4 years ago and now I'm really happy to see her interest in going further with her education skills.

This should also help to find better jobs in the future and finally allow her to start a carreer (crossing my fingers here) - because I know how much this would leave her happy to have finantial independence and a sense of professional satisfaction.

Her previous jobs showed how difficult it would be to maintain a reasonable salary without so many compromises in terms of time and effort due to the lack of these much needed education levels. I'm not saying this because it is my wife - but I really think she deserves so much better and I'll really be happy to see her struggling to get her life goals accomplished one day.

Now.. time to study! :)

-- Nuno Brito