MSE phone interview

Last 2nd of May I was interviewed over the phone for the enrolling process on the european MSE.

It was supposed to be a live person interview in Coimbra but due to the fact of living a bit far, I've been granted with the opportunity of doing the interview over the phone and save me the costs of an airplane trip.

Been a bit nervous about this interview over the last days - mostly because it was the first time I even had to prepare for a phone interview and I wanted to make a good impression so I really gave a lot of attention to all details and tried to prepare as best as possible with a few weeks in advance.

Fun enough that the most remarkable obstacle was speaking in fluent english during the interview.

I had the impression to be talking too quickly to the questions rather than taking the time and pause to reply slowly. Also noticed that my latin accent made words a bit more fuzzy to understand over the phone. Guess that in a live/web meeting we can always use more eye contact and body language to interpret the reactions from the other side and also express our point of views but over the phone I found this very difficult to achieve or even imagine.

The questions were done in a very generic way regarding software development and I tried to keep the answers short and straight to the point even thought some of them would make enough topics to write for pages and pages of my (personal) opinion about the subject.


The interview is done - results for the admission to MSE will be available next 16th of May and I'm counting each day until they get published online..

-- Nuno Brito