I'm going to be a father!

You've heard it right.

My wife is expecting a child next September and I just couldn't be happier about this.

We are living in a wonderful place and it would be really hard to find a better place to raise a child so timing is simply perfect.

Would be great to go back to Coimbra for a few months so that our whole family could visit the newborn and help but we decided to stay here and only return to our homeland for christmas vacations.

Was not an easy decision since my family and carla's family really wanted us to be there when this child was born (it is the first baby on our family since a long time) but we live 5 minutes away from an excellent hospital and we already have our house and work rooted here so it be non-sense to move away.

We also fell in love for this land and maybe this way when move away within a year or two we can say to our kid that he was born in such a place as this. I have so many good memories from the Azores that will be hard to ever forget this region.


Also took this opportunity to upload some our baby related photos since February, you find them here: http://nunobrito.eu/e107_plugins/autogallery/autogallery.php?show=2008

Will keep the gallery updated as time goes forward!


-- Nuno Brito