Goodbye tooth

Just said goodbye to a very annoying tooth that was bothering me since I was 12 years old. It lasted for so long that I gained the habit of eating only with the right side of my mouth because this bad tooth wouldn't allow to use the left one.

I consider myself in having good habits regarding daily teeth brush and such but I'm not so happy in visiting the dentist - don't know the reason why - but I just feel a bit unconfortable when we're bound to visit them to fix something.

The tooth extraction went fine - was needed an impressive ammount of strength to pull it out since the rotten tooth was putting up a good fight but in the end it was sucessfully removed.

The good doctor did used local anesthesy and the extraction was nearly painless, kind of fun thinking that I avoided this operation for so many years and this nasty tooth was pulled in less than 10 minutes. Only proves that one should face it's fears as soon as possible to overcome difficulties.

All done for now, still one or two weeks until all woums are healed, I kept this tooth for memory sake (had to hide it from my wife as she wanted to put it in the garbage bin) and I'm really happy for closing this chapter in my life.


-- Nuno Brito