Good bye to nLite

From this day forward, will be removing hosting support for nLite and vLite altogether.

Enough is enough and I'm simply tired of nuhi.

He never contributed with anything good for our community like all the other members that enjoy the same hosting and uses a lot of daily bandwidth.

We have been providing hosting to all files that are downloaded from his sites but his work is infringing the EULA from Microsoft where it states that MS files can't be included on third party distributions without express consent.

If you look closely on the vLite package you'll notice that it contains the WIM file driver files from the MS WAIK (or some other MS source I suppose) and this is something that has been bothering me for ages because the whole hosting was done inside boot-land.

My fault for letting this happen for so long, but not anymore.

Also found nuhi to be a very unpleasant person and therefore I have no sympathy for someone who used so many resources from our server for free and doesn't even mention our site on his links page that he considers to have "too much competition" according to his own words.

One note for the nlite developer:
I don't see the development that is done on this boot disk field as a competition where some finish first and others end as last but when I play, my work is done following the rules instead of using shortcuts like the WIM file drivers.

Shame on you..

-- Nuno Brito