Go GALP go..

At a stage where we see the international stock markets suffering from the hazard of global scale recession due to the high risk credits made by banks over the years and the rise of oil prices to unbelievable leves there are still plenty of opportunities out there to seize and make some extra money.

Take as example GALP, precisely a year ago we would see this portuguese company scoring an average of 9,77 euros per share and in a couple months we see doubling it's own value to around 19 euros as it reached three months ago.

Simply outstanding to see the power that finding oil fields in these days bring to any company listed on the stock market.

One of the big oil partners for the exploration of the oil fields recently discovered at the coast of Brazil is PetroBras and surprise, surprise - this company has just claimed the third position as the world's most valuable company at this time, overthrowning a giant such as Microsoft.

The time for alternative energy is here. With some luck the oil prices will keep rising and motivating governments to quit their lobbies based on oil and start investing some time and money to bring some real world applications of non-polluent alternatives. The voice of the people is the engine that will finally bring us a clean and energy-wise method for locomotion.

While this doesn't happen for the next months (years), better enjoy the high ride with oil price flutuations. Just early today I saw GALP rising around 5% and placing itself as the most valuable company for the portuguese PSI market.

In a time that all the other stock companies see their prices falling to the ground, it's a frenzy of people buying oil shares for the sake of profit.

How long will it last this time?

Maybe not long..

-- Nuno Brito