End of the MSE dream

Received a phone call today announcing that I hadn't been selected for the MSE course that would be given in DEI/Coimbra and Carnegie Mellon.

Was a very big disappointment for me as it was one of my most important life goals for the past two years that I had set on my mind as a goal along side with the development of WinBuilder.

Really thought that my initial paper presentation had went good enough but I guess that the phone interview that was done last month just didn't showcased the visual image that I wanted to transmit to the interviewer along with some other factors that weren't mentioned which eventually led to this negative result.

I'm really sad about this decision - it implied a lot of effort, commitment and changes on my life to succeed on this tough goal but I was also so determined to face this challenge that I really thought that no obstacle was big enough to stop me from this achieving this goal.

Guess they really didn't got to know my work well enough as I hoped and tried, still consider that it's their loss as I would surely be a very dedicated MSE student but I can't help thinking that this will nevertheless bring a huge impact and the end of chapter on my life.

It's time to move forward.

With or without MSE I will continue my journey to research more and more about software "magic"and secrets until I'm happy with what I've learned.

Software engineering is the one thing I really expect to devote my professional life and talent.

Good luck for the other MSE candidates.

For more informations about MSE, the DEI website can be found here: http://mse.dei.uc.pt