MoonSpell concert

Last night I've went to hear live a concert from one of my all-time-favourite rock bands - MoonSpell.

They're a Portuguese band which counts with a reasonable number of years on the road and have become fairly known across Europe in the heavy rock / gothic music scene.

Nowadays I'm not as enthusiastic about rock bands as before but somehow Moonspell has always remained as a sort of cult rock band across the years since the teenager days.

The concert was very good - they've played nearly non-stop their most popular songs from their albums, the crowd was very responsive and also knew most of lyrics as well.

The mosh pit was a bit rough and a few people ended up getting hurt as a result of some of the actions from some less civilized folks - glad my wife decided to stay safe at home.

In overall this band sounded great and their talent was surely well demonstrated in this live event.

For those who don't know them, take a look on youtube for some of their works:

Very good rock band indeed.

-- Nuno Brito