Fish Radio

Uwe Fischer, the author of FishRadio sent me a nice message reporting a new version of this freeware internet radio streamer.

Internet radio is one of my favourite way to pass the time while working on the computer, I could also hear an mp3 or youtube collection but once you get the hang of listening to online radio it becames a bit more fun than having to select yourself the musics you want to hear.

Fish Radio is a free program that was first introduced by MedEvil on the bootland forums when he first released his XP PE project called naughtyPE. I admit that I never had used a internet radio program before this date, especially because the web browser was enough for my listening needs but it is by far much more fun to have a (huge) list of available web/FM radios available at the tip of your click.

His program was entirely written in German, so a few members on boot land mentioned their difficulty in understand the text labels and I emailed the author with this concern.

Glad to see that he is continuing the work on this app, MedEvil also posted a small tutorial to everyone else who needs a quick guide or wants to see a preview of this radio:

This radio program was also featured on the german CHIP magazine last month.

For those interested in trying out this interesting program, do visit the author site here: - his page is written solely in german but google is your friend and provides a very english translation here: english page.

Have fun!

-- Nuno Brito