Doing some artwork?

While adding a new modification on the board software of boot land, there was the need to create a new button based on the currently used skin that would say "Thanks!".

The task to create a new button was fun.

Started off editing with but I found it somewhat too complicated to edit such a small image and decided to move onto simpler paint that comes as default with windows.

Next step was cleaning up a button and prepare it for copy and paste of letters from other buttons available on this theme and finally - I was ready to start.

It was a quite straight process and fairly simple to manually edit or cloning pixels to match the expected result.

In the end, the button was created and took around 30 minutes to see something done.

Guess that a better tool is simply not good when you don't know how to use it.

For this case paint was enough, would be nice to learn more about one day.


-- Nuno Brito