MoonSpell concert

Last night I've went to hear live a concert from one of my all-time-favourite rock bands - MoonSpell.

They're a Portuguese band which counts with a reasonable number of years on the road and have become fairly known across Europe in the heavy rock / gothic music scene.

Nowadays I'm not as enthusiastic about rock bands as before but somehow Moonspell has always remained as a sort of cult rock band across the years since the teenager days.

The concert was very good - they've played nearly non-stop their most popular songs from their albums, the crowd was very responsive and also knew most of lyrics as well.

The mosh pit was a bit rough and a few people ended up getting hurt as a result of some of the actions from some less civilized folks - glad my wife decided to stay safe at home.

In overall this band sounded great and their talent was surely well demonstrated in this live event.

For those who don't know them, take a look on youtube for some of their works:

Very good rock band indeed.

-- Nuno Brito

ninja pendisk!

Are you a computer administrator or tech geek?

Because if you are, then one of the hidden details behind this way of life is that you'll will always be confronted with requests of your friends to fix their broken machines.

If you're a bit like me, these requests begin early in the morning when you arrive to work and try to drink a quiet morning coffee, finishing only when it's time to get back home.

It's a real frenzy sometimes, when you try to conciliate the time to do some quality work and still try to find some extra time to take a look on the broken machine to avoid letting down that friend of yours to whom a solution was promissed.

I don't really mind helping others and this is also a good way to improve my skills in recognizing viruses and software malfunctions but sometimes you reach a point where there are simply one too many machines that need to be fixed and you end up having little quality time to do things right.

One of the most common issues I notice is the lack of knowledge that their own pendisks are infected and that this can be cleaned and prevented of happening again in the future.

My favorite manual method is described here:

But that wasn't enough, besides having the work of cleaning my friend's machine I was not being also overwhelmed with requests to make several pendisks immunizated from viruses.

Tired of this mechanical and repetitive task - I decided to create a tool that would exactly as I need to ensure that my friends won't need to get infected when plugging in their pendisks nor will need to bother me ever again to immunize their pendrives,

ninja pendisk! was born.

It presents all the possible features to be used by those who know little to nothing about computers or USB transmitted viruses.

Good for lazy administrators like myself that can now rest assured that this sort of menace can be kept under control and see the rate of morning requests to fix broken computers starting to decrease significantly.

Was really fun coding this tool and I've also added LAN chat so that other computers running ninja on the same LAN can all talk together - good for LAN parties, schools or quick messages inside an office.

If you want to know more about this tool, check the ninja page here:

-- Nuno Brito

Fish Radio

Uwe Fischer, the author of FishRadio sent me a nice message reporting a new version of this freeware internet radio streamer.

Internet radio is one of my favourite way to pass the time while working on the computer, I could also hear an mp3 or youtube collection but once you get the hang of listening to online radio it becames a bit more fun than having to select yourself the musics you want to hear.

Fish Radio is a free program that was first introduced by MedEvil on the bootland forums when he first released his XP PE project called naughtyPE. I admit that I never had used a internet radio program before this date, especially because the web browser was enough for my listening needs but it is by far much more fun to have a (huge) list of available web/FM radios available at the tip of your click.

His program was entirely written in German, so a few members on boot land mentioned their difficulty in understand the text labels and I emailed the author with this concern.

Glad to see that he is continuing the work on this app, MedEvil also posted a small tutorial to everyone else who needs a quick guide or wants to see a preview of this radio:

This radio program was also featured on the german CHIP magazine last month.

For those interested in trying out this interesting program, do visit the author site here: - his page is written solely in german but google is your friend and provides a very english translation here: english page.

Have fun!

-- Nuno Brito

Doing some artwork?

While adding a new modification on the board software of boot land, there was the need to create a new button based on the currently used skin that would say "Thanks!".

The task to create a new button was fun.

Started off editing with but I found it somewhat too complicated to edit such a small image and decided to move onto simpler paint that comes as default with windows.

Next step was cleaning up a button and prepare it for copy and paste of letters from other buttons available on this theme and finally - I was ready to start.

It was a quite straight process and fairly simple to manually edit or cloning pixels to match the expected result.

In the end, the button was created and took around 30 minutes to see something done.

Guess that a better tool is simply not good when you don't know how to use it.

For this case paint was enough, would be nice to learn more about one day.


-- Nuno Brito