addons2wpi tool

I've been spending a lot of time having some fun tweaking Windows Installs.

First it began mostly because I needed to add SATA functionality on my "old" Windows XP Install CD's and later moved on to the use of more elaborated tools to get a more professional and good looking result.

Began experimenting with nLite, later added DriverPacks and ended up in proposing a small project called UXP to combine all the nice things I would like to see available on a boot disk of this sort.

Now, after a request from benxhi at MSFN, I've began spending some quality time to better know WPI (windows post-install wizard) and I am frankly admired with this nifty tool to install programs while your windows is also being installed.

nLite already provided this feature in a handy way (that was also automated by UXP) but I see that WPI manages to do the same but with a nice touch of style and flexibility because you can install your programs on a nice looking setup and still be able to choose which programs should be installed.

Because I liked this tool so much, decided to write a small program to batch convert automatically all my nLite addons into a format understandable by WPI.

The result is "addons2wpi" and it was published on the respective WPI subforum here:

So far it's been a really fun learning process.

My thanks go to the good folks on and for provinding such good tools to customize and improve these Windows Installs.


-- Nuno Brito