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Our site has been shortly offline due to an error that mentioned "bad httpd conf".

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We apologize for the inconvenience. Please contact the webmaster/ tech support immediately to have them rectify this.

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After some googling and searching for more information, it seems that this was due to a misconfiguration of the host server that pointed to the wrong location.

It was solved by editing one of domains and re-introducing it back into the system - this action forced to recreate a list of all hosted domains and subdomains giving back access to http connections.

Sorry for this time-out, this was a glitch on the matrix (hosting service) and is now solved.


-- Nuno Brito

Arab language support?

Shortly after posting Addons2WPI on MSFN I noticed that a member from another website called DamasGate produced an extensive tutorial explaining to the respective forum members how to use it.

On my program presentation I only displayed the screenshot of version 1.0 and version 1.2 (current) but it was quite uninformative and I will surely follow this hint to produce a better tutorial that explains to other users how this tool can be used.

Also amazing because this tool was originally designed for american/european languages and having an arab community using this tool is a good reason to work on full support for unicode handling in the future.

This tutorial can be viewed here:


-- Nuno Brito

addons2wpi tool

I've been spending a lot of time having some fun tweaking Windows Installs.

First it began mostly because I needed to add SATA functionality on my "old" Windows XP Install CD's and later moved on to the use of more elaborated tools to get a more professional and good looking result.

Began experimenting with nLite, later added DriverPacks and ended up in proposing a small project called UXP to combine all the nice things I would like to see available on a boot disk of this sort.

Now, after a request from benxhi at MSFN, I've began spending some quality time to better know WPI (windows post-install wizard) and I am frankly admired with this nifty tool to install programs while your windows is also being installed.

nLite already provided this feature in a handy way (that was also automated by UXP) but I see that WPI manages to do the same but with a nice touch of style and flexibility because you can install your programs on a nice looking setup and still be able to choose which programs should be installed.

Because I liked this tool so much, decided to write a small program to batch convert automatically all my nLite addons into a format understandable by WPI.

The result is "addons2wpi" and it was published on the respective WPI subforum here:

So far it's been a really fun learning process.

My thanks go to the good folks on and for provinding such good tools to customize and improve these Windows Installs.


-- Nuno Brito

OpenOffice versus Microsoft Office

Everybody who needs to work with computers will certainly stumble their into the Microsoft suite of application for office use.

They include a handy set of programs to deal with your needs for word processing, do your math calculations, make some handy presentations and even manage your email and contacts.

I must say that my "heavy" usage experience of Office has began in 2001, never liked much of Office 97 and always prefered alternative flavours like Works (which I was happily using since 1994 for school works and small stuff) and eventually was amazed with the power and ease of use of the newish Office that was called as "XP" at the time and later renewed as Office 2003.

It was in fact impressive. All the tools I could ever desire to make a crispid and professional looking presentation were there. I could use it for animations inside powerpoint and this has really helped to boost my productivity.

Even thought Office was not free - I remained as a very big defender of this application suite until mid 2007 - time was first confronted with a new version of OpenOffice which rocked over any other previous edition.

Being free and open source - the choice was clear and the timing seemed perfect as Office 2007 was extremely disappointing because of the usage of a non-backward compatible format (the infamous x-files .docx and .xlsx) and also because the new simplified UI on word made life not as simple as before and it was really hard to work with. (they say that new users who never worked with Office 2003 find this new UI easier to learn and manage...)

So I switched off to OpenOffice and following my shift I also started installing OpenOffice as default application suite on the local machines at my workplace - many people complained but taking one step at a time allowed for people to get used to this new set of applications and also learned how to use firefox instead of Internet Explorer to do their daily browsing tasks.

All good so far - at least I expected it to be this way..

But in truth I mention that there are a lot of things that I miss from Office 2003. The presentation manager inside OpenOffice is certainly no match for the Powerpoint app which is by far more evolved in terms of UI experience and available features. There is also no Outlook replacement capable of working efficiently inside Active Directory based Exchange servers which forces to use the internal webmail html page which is far from user friendly.

Another bad thing is the word conversion - some people argue (with reason) that MS Word documents won't open up properly inside OpenOffice and raise all sort of obstacles to adapt these word files to open office format.

Today, I need to do a diagram presentation and after spending a few hours doing a good looking work - I made a copy to the pendisk and took it over to another computer just to discover that all the images included inside the presentation were not included inside the powerpoint file, what is the result?

Install MS PowerPoint and start from scratch..

I like OpenOffice and will continue supporting their effort but sometimes it would be nice to have some of these features well estabilished and implemented to avoid annoying discoveries such as this one.

Well, enough of my rant - my recommendation is still the same - use OpenOffice as much as possible so that it becomes a world-class software one day such as Firefox managed to become far better than Internet Explorer.

Together we can make it happen.

-- Nuno Brito

GRE marathon

The GRE marathon has ended!

It started last month when I had to travel to mainland in order to take the GRE and TOEFL exams during the carnival vacations.

The TOEFL (Test Of English as a Foreign Language) exam was done quickly but I didn't arrived on time to take the GRE (Graduate Record Examination) and this began a marathon to complete the missing exam.


Made a new appointment for the 4th of March but over that week we were extremely busy with a serie of tasks at my daytime work that took away any chance to take two or three days to visit the mainland and do things with time and quietness.

Instead of that - I had to travel all the way back to Lisbon at night to take this test first thing in the morning and then make a speedy return on the next flight home.

Arrived around 1h00 a.m. in local time to the city, found my way onto a friend's house and left this place to the exam location around 06h00 a.m.

I was a bit jumpy about the exam - wasn't yet sure on what to expect and this inquietness ended with chance to get any good hours of sleep during the night.

The exam location was far better than the previous place where I had done the TOEFL evaluation. The room was heated at environment temperature instead of a freezing cold, there were wc's and coffee houses in the nearby to take a good break and the overall exam was a bit easier and shorter than expected.

Too bad about the scores - lots of words and questions that I surely missed because I had never heard them. Guess that next time I'll get much serious into learning the meaning of as many "strange" words as possible.

Really hope that this is an experience to avoid repeating more times in the future as it certainly affects the capacity to get a better performance - the test had limit times to supply the answers and sometimes even the fingers were becoming so sluggish to write on the keyboard..


Ended up my quick visit with a small promenade around the "Colombo" shopping - the only place where I still find refills for my oldish pen and also bought a "Mixed Croissant" and will offer it to my wife as gift - a local croissant that is packed with cheese and ham which is very popular around this place but is nowhere to be found in the azores.. ;)


I also found the amazing power of google maps and it's hability to track down an address (even in portuguese). Thanks to this tool I won't be getting lost so often anymore..

-- Nuno Brito