Wristwatch Cellphone

Have you ever thought it would be possible to make phone calls to some "thing" attached to your wrist?

Perhaps you had already thought about this sort of strange devices but trust me when I tell that nothing prepares you for "wow effect" when see this "thing" making phone calls.

But before I forget - why have I bought such thing?

Well, don't really ask me because I think it was one of those impulses just like the ones we get like kids on a candy store and simply get something new to try out.

I was initially looking for a cool (and cheap) pda-like cellphone from CECT and ended up stumbling on these little wonders of technology.

The first thing I noticed were the incredibly low prices that were displayed on some asian sites that grouped small sellers. To my disappointment, after some googling for references found several evidences that clearly indicated that the probability for buying from a scam artist were too high and no guarantees to ever get a refund back.

Ended up using Ebay because even thought it had higher sell prices we would at the very least get a better guarantee of service of we buy from a seller with high feedback and respectable reputation history - which is sometimes the only thing on our side to guarantee a good trade for both parts.

Wasn't very easy to find a good auction because I wanted to find the less expensive as possible seller and after ebaying around the most popular international versions of this portal (US, Italian, Spanish, UK, German and French) I found what I had been looking for (took a full weekend of clicks btw).

The price was settled for little less than 100 USD and transportation along with european taxes increased another ~80USD to this cost.


Let me tell that I had seen images and movies of this watch on the web but seeing it in real life conditions is simply outstanding.

The model I've chosen was the CECT W800 - this watch comes with several other brand names and sometimes sellers will even try to sell other models using the same model designation to cause confusion.

This watch comes with a touchscreen sensitive screen and uses an input similar to PDA style.

You can send and receive SMS, call phone numbers or receive calls from other people. Simply needs to remove the battery and add your SIM card inside.

One other cool feature is the videoclip support - this "thing" can actually play your music videoclips with quite ease after some media conversion. I was truly amazed to see how loud (reminded me of nokia phones) it would play the video and the video quality.

It will also play mp3 - too bad about the storage space - comes with an internal space of 128Mb and no external mini SD option to storage your music collection. In either case - it still fitted ~30 of my favourite music tracks.

There is also a bluetooth handset, haven't used it yet but it might be a good feature to try out some of these days.

In overall - good quality, discrete and doesn't look like an onion on your wrist so it was certainly worth the price for such a small and power featured device.

To conclude this blog post I leave you with some images and youtube clips, hope you like it.


-- Nuno Brito