The Air Car

Those who know me in real life would surely know that having a car is not a priority in my life.

For some strange reason I never had much desire to buy a big bulky car and always made an effort to find alternatives - either by walking a lot, often use of public transport, asking a ride to friends or simply staying indoors became options to avoid the tough decision of having a car.

These machines get quite expensive in Portugal - you have to pay a lot of legal taxes for buying a new car or importing from another country that adds +20% to the price, the maintenance prices for small repair averages +50 euros every couple of weeks, insurance woes >500 euros per year.

Which leads me to the title of this blog post: A car that runs on air..

I was shopping in the marked with my wife when we noticed the big headlines which announced this revolution on a local Azorean newspaper.

This amazing invention was called "Air car" and runs completely on compressed air according to it's inventor.

The article seemed genuine until the point I decided to take a look on the mentioned website and look for independent opinions afterwards.

Sad to see another scam scheme since it will elude people telling them their project is very close to be finished and they are interested in forming partnerships with other people to resell their "revolutionary tecnhology".

They are announcing this "revolution" to happen next year (since 2005..)

The whole thing is simply an illusion - and I was seriously interested in buying one of these cars.

Here in my city there is a local stand for electrical cars made by townlife (a firm from the lamborghini familly) and I even drove one for a test drive but the price was far too expensive (>14000€) for the conditions provided by this small vehicle.

You find this scam project here:

Don't be fooled..


-- Nuno Brito