Visit to Aveiro

Just spent the weekend on Aveiro, Portugal - one of my all time favourite places to rest. It's near the sea, very calm and people are really nice. Some call it the venice of Portugal because of the traditional boats that travel around the water channels - maybe one day I can actually visit Veneza in Italy and compare both. I've worked for a year in Aveiro back in 2001 - nothing better than actually travel by boat to your workplace to give a closer touch to nature.


Some of the traditional boats from Aveiro

On holidays for a week..

Starting today, I'll be on holidays throughout the whole next week. I must say that it is a very much needed rest from my daytime work wich seems to consume each bit of my own resources.

Maybe it's just my impression, but it seems sometimes that our work with computers is never finished - I mean - once you propose youself to do something and eventually get around to complete your assigned task - something else appears along the way also needing some attention creating an endless loop..

Well, this time I'm (almost) on vacations - will be flying back home tomorrow and ensure some things get properly done back at work on monday so that I can really rest for the rest of the week.

On a bright note: the next release of winbuilder is almost ready - still missing to fix the upload mecanism wich decided to not play nice with the rest of the improvements, maybe all it needs is just another code shake up to see where things are not working well.

While I'm on vacances I'll take the oportunity to some things I've been wanting to do for some time - deliver my tax return form online, study for the math exam on 12th of April and just wake up late everyday.. ;)